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In the meantime, boast gold count still has the horror of 1 to suffer attack on raise, completely OK compare did not optimize the M4A1 that carries on fixed fire, be like Thor, hei Long, azrael.Data ID: 29231040 authors: Particularly your bodily form: Female this data comes from a player initiative share, must not serve as business to use.

Attention, the hall, garden expose area not to stay for long, lest be treated as by other,target is outputted.但是更新3.5.0版本后,游戏为武器射击后添加了短反弹动作,但没有唯独泵用猎枪! Hand of Ol of the person that igneous shadow is borne swims difficult 8-5 SamSung is connected involve a strategy, article introduction water advocate call difficult 8-5 strategy, look together!




Small make up recommend: The fetch endowment that how the fetch talent that the fetch story of the old umbrella of fetch setting story of old umbrella of the 5th character introduces old umbrella of the 5th character increases old umbrella adds a dot to recommend the 5th moral quality schedule of the line on part of exposure of newest character collect encyclopedia of strategy of the 5th character | Position of cellar of the 5th character | Map of the 5th character | Endowment of the 5th character increases a point | More of diary of gardener of the 5th character is popular strategy + information pays close attention to zone of the 5th character pleaseMasterstroke gut the 2nd Zhang Zhongnan advocate come to Beijing of another name for Kaifeng, encountered beauty plum division, found instrument of the first task at the same time. The 2nd bout, gong Aoyi, chase after dozen of Lu Wan to interrupt much by also, let in fresh air when bout swift end advocate refresh.当他知道马克斯亲自做的时候,莫因知道自己遇到了天才,就说要下决心使自己成为门徒。

Cannot fill in vain so knife! Holy mark suit skill: 2 are covered from when field, raise whole group the complete harm of 10% , part oneself is additional promote the complete harm of 5% , continuously 10 seconds, this technical ability is unique become effective, cannot overlay.

From this daystart, the wolf of decline group in base, remain wolf of a Gu only, still have a wolf bastard that is being trained by Gu wolf.

4, every cross fine time time 5 minutes to be able to appear fine time time.最终,大部分战斗以中央走廊和宫殿为中心,如果不能击毙敌人,那么很多人就会消失。






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